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Alina Boz : Biographie, Age, Taille, Relationship, TV series / Movies, Contact & Informations

Alina Boz was born in Russia on June 14, 1998, and her father is Turkish, whose origins go back to Bulgaria, and Alina’s father lived with her mother in Russia because of his work as a travel agent until she completed her seventh year, she went with her family to Turkey in 2005. She learned to play guitar and piano.

After her return from Russia, she started the study phase, she studied elementary, preparatory, and high school in Istanbul at the Aviation School, and also studied acting and theater when she was nine years old in 2007, she started her career quickly, worked as a TV commercial ad model and this gave her an opportunity to appear in some TV series.

  • Height : 173 cm
  • Weight : 50 kg / 113 lb
  • Residence : Istanbul, Turkey
  • Year Active : 2014-Present
  • Eye Color : Green
  • Hair color : Light Brown

TV Series :

2020-Aşk 101
2018-2019 Elimi Bırakma
2017 Sevda’nın Bahçesi
2014-2017 Paramparça
2013-2014Cesur Hemşire


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