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Bülent İnal : Biographie, Age, Taille, Relationship, TV series / Movies, Contact & Informations

Bülent İnal was born in the town of Urfa on May 19, 1973 of a nurse mother and father working in the mail and he is the third and youngest son of both of them and has an older brother and sister than him. . He finished high school and entered the university to study literature at the Aegean University College of Literature, but he left after the first year because he was bored of it. He then joined the University of September 9, Theater College, where he successfully finished his studies after 3 years and joined one of the well-known technical teams in Istanbul Yucel Erten’s group. He went through difficult financial conditions at first and his family was financially supporting him during this period as his work was not enough for his living costs and luck began to smile to him when he contracted with the well-known Turkish producer Tomris Giritlioglu as his company was producing TV series that are popular in Turkey. He worked with him on several works such as Azad and others until Tomris Giritlioglu requested him as a hero for a series under the linden trees or years lost in the Arabic version. The funny thing is that Bulent rejected the role in the beginning because he is a difficult role and an absolute starring, but Tomris Giritlioglu asked him to read the text well and slowly and then decide . Since the first episodes of this series, which garnered immense popularity beyond the expected, Bulent Star has risen to be one of the stars of the first row in Turkey because of his elaborate representation and his great talent that appeared clear in his embodiment of the personality of Yahya or Yilmaz in the Turkish version. In the name of Wilms. Bulent Aainal’s calm voice with emotional charm gave a deep dimension to the poems of the series and increased his popularity, this is what the poet writer poet Sardar Agouz says, while members of the series’s crew praise Bulent for his extreme calmness, politeness, humility, and friendly personality with everyone in spite of being the hero of the series, but he was not arrogant On someone, disturbing someone or raising his voice to anyone throughout the filming period, which lasted for more than two years, and was helping everyone as best as he could. Bulent is very calm and personable, shy and personal. Bulent Inal was then associated with the artist Beren Saat and he was supposed to get married to her (Summer 2008). But his destiny was to complete his life with (Milos Toyos) whom he married in 2011. What distinguishes Bulent also is his growing up in three of the most important cities of Turkey, Urfa and Istanbul. Izmir and every city thereof represents a different culture from the many cultures of Turkish society. This feature helped Bulent to get to know multiple cultures intimately and closely.

TV Series :

1992Mahallenin Muhtarları
2000Dikkat Bebek Var
2000Yedi Numara
2001Cesur Kuşku
2001Karanlıkta Koşanlar
2002Aşk ve Gurur
2003Kurşun Yarası
2004Bir Aşk Hikayesi
2005Aşk Yolu
2005Ihlamurlar Altında
2007Kara Yılan
2008Kalpsiz Adam
2009Bu Kalp Seni Unutur mu?
2010Bitmeyen Şarkı
2011Bir Çocuk Sevdim
2013-2014Tatar Ramazan
2014Urfalıyam Ezelden
2016Babam ve Ailesi
2017Son Destan Destan
2017Payitaht: Abdülhamid

Movies :

2000Dar Alanda Kısa Paslaşmalar
2003Vizontele Tuuba
2005Cenneti Beklerken
2008Başka Semtin Çocukları
2008Akşamdan Kalma
2010Akşamdan Kalma 2
2012Akşamdan Kalma 3
2012Taş Mektep


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