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The best 7 TV dramas on Netflix to watch :

Turkish drama made a huge leap in a relatively short time, to achieve exports of drama 350 million dollars in 2016, according to official statistics.
In this article, SonsuzLove is going to share with you The most 7 awesome and high rated Turkish drama series on Netflix you should :

1-Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love):

Plot :

On the other hand, Elif (Tuba Buyukustun) is a successful designer who works at jewelry business. She lives happily in Italy apart from her wealthy family, mother Zerrin (Nebahat Cehre), father Ahmet (Aytac Arman), sisters Nilufer (Bestemsu Ozdemir) and Asli (Hazal Turesan). Elif goes to Istanbul where her family lives in order to celebrate her birthday with them.

The lives of these two persons cross because of a murder. Omer loses his beloved fiancée while Elif loses her father in the same car. They try to understand why these two persons are in the same car, how they know each other and why they are killed. Soon after, they realize that this murder case is related to diamonds. Omer finds one diamond in his fiancée’s room and one diamond in the car where dead bodies are found. Meanwhile, Elif has been asked to bring diamonds if she wants to save her little sister who is kidnapped by mafia members. At this situation, Omer and Elif have nothing to do but to act together.

In this story, you will explore the lives of Elif and Omer, who are two strangers but are forced to share the same fate by losing their loved ones. Will Elif and Omer manage to find the truth behind the murder case? Will Elif save her family from the diamond mafia?

2-Aşk ve Ceza (Love and Punishment):

  • Type : Romance,Drama.
  • Cast : Nurgül Yeşilçay and Murat Yıldırım.
  • Release : January 5, 2010.

Plot :

A 29-year-old woman called Yasemin (Nurgül Yeşilçay) works at an advertising agency. She has been with her fiancé Mehmet (Caner Kurtaran) for over 3 years. Just a week before their wedding. Her life turns upside down as she feels deeply betrayed and unappreciated. She drops everything, and goes to Bodrum. In Van, Çiçek (Feride Çetin) is getting married to Kemal Baldar (Ali Yiğit), the eldest son of the powerful Baldar family. Kemal Baldar’s American educated, modern brother Savaş goes to Bodrum for a vacation after his brother’s wedding. Those two have their first encounter at a bar in Bodrum. Yasemin, betrayed and devastated by the turn of events with her fiancé, finds herself in the arms of Savaş after a night of heavy drinking. Burdened with guilt and regret after her one night stand, she leaves without even learning Savaş’s name. Savaş also fails to learn who the girl that stole his heart that night is. After receiving a phone call informing him that his newly married brother and his father died in a car accident, Savaş returns to Istanbul as head of his family. In the meantime, Yasemin finds out she is pregnant with Savaş’s baby, and then she gives birth to a child named Ömer. While Savaş keeps dealing with his family’s unconventional problems, he doesn’t stop looking for Yasemin, the Cinderella.

3– Ezel :

  • Type : Crime, drama.
  • Cast : Cansu Dere and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu.
  • Release : 28 September 2009.

Plot :

Omar Ocher, Cengiz Atay, Ali Karkiz and Aisha Tizjan were friends in average condition in a neighborhood. Aisha Sardar’s father was working in one of the large casinos, so he decided that he, Aisha, Genghis and Ali would steal the casino and fabricate false evidence and accuse Umar Uchar of that. But an error occurred in the robbery plan and Ali was forced to kill the guard at the casino, and Ali, Genghis, Aisha and Sardar agreed to fabricate the story to Omar after his crime weapon was fabricated and after Aisha’s testimony against Omar Uchar he was imprisoned for life on charges of stealing the casino and killing the guard. Omar entered the prison and the prison guard began harassing and intimidating him to tell him the location of the money he had stolen from the casino, but Omar denied he stole the casino, so the guard started beating him every day and torturing him. But inside the prison there was an old man named Ramiz Karaysky who was known among the people by the name of Khal Ramiz, a very famous mafia man who loved Omar and took care of him under his wing and taught him how to fight and defend himself until one day a fire broke out in the prison and most of the prisoners died and the guard found Omar Uchar and tortured him to tell him where the money was, so he cut Omar’s face with the knife. After that, the uncle Ramiz came and killed the guard. Omar was transferred out of prison after the uncle ordered that, and Omar underwent a complete cosmetic operation for the face and his new name and new character (Ezel Bayrakdar) became after the uncle came out of prison after the completion of his imprisonment and he went out and began planning with Ezel how to take revenge on Genghis, Ali and Aisha did not know that Sardar, Aisha’s father was the owner of the idea. Sardar’s motive for stealing is money. As for Aisha, her sister Bahar was ill with cancer and needed treatment outside the country. She did this for her sister. Genghis fell in love with Aisha and thought that if Omar was sent to prison he would be free for him to win Aisha’s heart. Ali was the big secret that was only revealed in recent episodes. When Ali was a young man he committed a murder by mistake and his father endured the result by being imprisoned for twenty years. His father said to him: I will enter the prison, but he promised me that when I go out I will find you an important man. Aisha reminded Ali of the events and his father near to be released from prison and Ali was poor as he was, and he had nothing. So, Ali decided to carry out the operation, but the problem was that Ali’s father got a blow in prison and lost his memory in prison.

4-Diriliş: Ertuğrul (Resurrection: Ertuğrul):

  • Type : Historical fiction,Adventure.
  • Cast : Engin Altan Düzyatan.
  • Release: December 10, 2014.

Plot :

Turkish historical series, which takes place in the thirteenth century AD, and presents the introductions and motives for the establishment of the Ottoman Empire from the biography of the life of the invader Ertugrul bin Suleiman Shah, the leader of the Kayi tribe of the Muslim Oghuz Turks and the father of Osman I the founder of the Ottoman Empire. And played the role of Ertugrul Turkish actor Engin Altan Duziatan in 150 episodes and five seasons after he was watched by nearly 3 billion people in the world, according to Anatolia Agency, and broadcast on the screens of many countries, and achieved great success in the world.

The series has many general historical facts about the Qayi tribe and its movements, but most of the detailed events of the series are from the unhistorical dramatic facts inspired by the imagination and creativity of the Turkish writer and producer Mehmet Bozdaغ ​​(in Turkish: Mehmet Bozdağ), but they serve the general line of historical events of conflicts and betrayals that correspond to them. Acknowledgment of truth, justice and mercy.

5-Avlu (Courtyard) :

  • Type : Crime, Drama.
  • Cast : Demet Evgar.
  • Release : 2018.

Plot :

The series discusses a group of important social issues, such as family disintegration, addiction, marital problems, and violence against women, and the series of annihilation embodies the dark side of life, and deals with many wrong behaviors that lead a person to go out of his normal course and commit crimes, and he senses women to take their right from those who harm them whatever And teaches them to stand on their own feet despite persecution. The series achieved great external success and reached sales to Greece, Russia and several countries, and the global platform “Netflix” bought it and the third season of the series was produced. The series starring Dimit Evgar, Murray’s neighbors, Norsal Cos, Nargis Ozturk, Kanan Eiji and Celine Seven.

He talks about “Deniz Demir,” who is imprisoned for attempting to kill her husband, “Hakan Demir,” so Deniz is separated from her daughter, Ijam, pending an investigation. After that, Deniz’s handling of the prison environment and how day after day, Deniz Demir’s name becomes a terrifying name. In prison, he also tells about the rest of the female prisoners, the most important of whom is “Virgin Kaya”, who is the head of the dormitory in which Deniz is present, as well as about the rest of the prisoners in the B1 dormitory, including “Huygis Chen”, the ways in which each of them entered the prison, their dealings with each other, their remaining hope and their struggle with ” Zirin Shaheen and Qudrat Ozturk, about prison staff, how they deal with women prisoners, and the prison system And its corruption.

6Muhafız(The Protector):

  • Type : Action, fantasy, science fiction.
  • Cast : Çağatay Ulusoy,Ayça Ayşin Turan,Hazar Ergüçlü,Okan Yalabık,Burçin Terzioğlu,Engin Öztürk,Taner Ölmez,Funda Eryiğit.
  • Release : December 14, 2018 .

Plot :

A horrific science fiction and fantasy work, in which we see a conflict between good and evil, and how good resists and fights evil in every way, its serial events revolve in Istanbul, which is occupied by the colossal forces of evil that have come to dominate the country, but there is one hope, one man, who is the guard Or the governor, a man called Hakan the governor, who will save the country from the forces of evil controlling it, looking at the mysterious forces through a sectarian memento, a young man embarks on an attempt to fight mysterious powers and solve a mystery from his past, will that man appear, how will he be, and can he Confronting strong evil, will evil leave him to win, all of which we will see in episodes When viewed.

7-Atiye(The Gift):

  • Type : Mystery,Psychological thriller,science fiction.
  • Cast : Beren Saat, Mehmet Günsür.
  • Release : December 27, 2019 .

Plot :

An Istanbul painter embarks on a personal journey as she unearths universal secrets about an Anatolian archaeological site and its link to her past.


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