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10 Awesome and HIGH rated Turkish drama series you should watch in a flash right now if you’re a Newbie To Them :

Turkish drama made a huge leap in a relatively short time, to achieve exports of drama $ 350 million in 2016, according to official statistics.
In this article, SonsuzLove is going to share with you The most 10 awesome and high rated Turkish drama series you should watch in a flash right now if you’re a Newbie To Them :

1- Adını Feriha Koydum(I Named Her Feriha):

Type : Drama,Romance, Love Story, Emotional.
Cast : Hazal Kaya And Çağatay Ulusoy.
Release : January 14, 2011.

Plot :

Feriha Yılmaz (Hazal Kaya) is an attractive, beautiful, talented and ambitious daughter of a poor family. Her father, Rıza Yılmaz (Metin Çekmez), is a doorman in Etiler, an upper-class neighborhood of Istanbul. Her mother, Zehra Yılmaz (Vahide Gördüm), is a housekeeper. Feriha is able to secure a full scholarship to a private university, where she poses as a rich girl. She meets a handsome and rich young man, Emir Sarrafoğlu (Çağatay Ulusoy) at her university. Feriha lies about her life and family background and Emir falls in love with her not knowing who she really is. She also falls in love with him and is trapped in her own lies.
Feriha learns of Gunce’s pregnancy (Koray’s child by her) and promises to keep it a secret. While helping Koray and Gunce hide the pregnancy and the subsequent abortion she is forced to lie to Emir. Hande has pictures of Koray and Feriha published in a magazine. Mehmet and Riza are furious seeing the pictures and her family then arranges her marriage with Halil, who starts to accompany her to the university. He spies on her interactions with Emir and snaps after seeing their display of affection. The season ends with Feriha’s mother getting shot by Halil, Feriha’s ex-fiancé.
In the second season, Emir discovers Feriha’s lies through the plan set up by Cansu. He breaks up with her and decides to seek revenge by renting an apartment in the building where Feriha lives in the basement. They remain separated for a long time. On the New Year’s Eve, Feriha gets kidnapped by Halil who decides to marry her by force. However, Emir saves her from Halil’s trap and take a bullet for her. After the kidnap, Emir and Feriha both realise their immense love for each other. They forgive each other and get reconciled. When Feriha’s family gets to know about her relationship with Emir, her father gets furious and decides to send her back to the village. On the way to village, Emir comes and takes Feriha along with him. Soon, they get married and Feriha’s surname Yilmaz turns into Feriha Sarrafoglu (Emir’s surname). However, they both decide to reveal their marriage to their family at the right time. Eventually, Cansu tries to kill Feriha and Emir. When Feriha and Emir are taken to the hospital, their marriage gets revealed to their family. Both Yilmaz and Sarrafoğlu families get furious and shocked on knowing about the marriage. So, Emir and Feriha have to live the hard life due to their family’s disappointment. Later in the story due to a misunderstanding, Feriha leaves Emir and goes to the U.S. with Levent, where she divorces him in absence. She returns to Istanbul after 3 years when Emir is getting engaged to Ece to protect her from Yavuz. Soon, the misunderstanding between Feriha and Emir gets cleared up and they get married for a second time. Alas, that the season ends with Feriha Sarrofoglu getting fatally shot by Ece (but everyone assumes that Halil shot her) at her wedding ceremony and dies in Emir’s arms.
The third season talks about another beautiful girl name – Zulal (Beril Kaykar) who is a kind of sister to Feriha. Zulal was breastfed by zehra when she was a baby. Zulal also falls in love with Emir as Emir became hopeless and lonely without Feriha. Gradually, Zulal falls in love with Emir. While Emir proposes to Günes (Gizem Karaca) who is Yuvuz’s younger sister.
Günes is madly in love with Emir but Emir only wants to seek his revenge. Soon Emir also starts loving Günes. After that the series was cancelled after telecasting 8 Episodes because of low ratings. But the cast had shot for more than 20 Episodes. But as some sources say in the end it’s Ece who shot Feriha and she’s given punishment by the court & Emir & Günes lives their life happily ever after.

2-Medcezir (Tide):

Type : Drama,Romance, Love Story, Emotional.
Cast : Serenay Sarıkaya And Çağatay Ulusoy.
Release : September 13, 2013.

Plot :

Yaman who lives in Tozludere one of the Istanbul’s suburbs has always tried to change his destiny by working hard to earn a good life. On the day of his brother’s birthday Kenan, they were both arrested as his brother stole a car from a gas station. That evening, Yaman’s destiny changed as he met Selim Serez, a rich lawyer who helped him out of jail. Selim sees Yaman as a promising young man and he offers him his help. When Yaman’s mom kicks him out of her house, Yaman is forced to contact Selim and accept his help. He then goes to Selim’s house in Altınkoy, an exclusive upper-class neighborhood in Istanbul, and is offered a job as a gardener for a week, and also a place to live in the pool house outside the main house. Even if Yaman is aware that there are no miracles in real life, he doesn’t have another chance apart from going through that door. Carrying the weight of the past on his shoulders, among people he doesn’t know, he faces a more difficult life than the one he had in Tozludere. In Altınkoy he meets Mert, Selim’s son, with whom he becomes friends almost immediately, he also meets Mira, a young, beautiful rich girl who lives next door and with whom he falls in love.
Challenges arise for the young Yaman who enrols in the Asım Şekip Kaya University along with Mira, Mert and Eylül and their friends.
Orkun, Mira’s ex- boyfriend, is envious of Yaman and creates problems for him deliberately to get him out of Altınkoy. He joins hands with Hasan, Yaman’s stepfather, in this plan.

3-Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry season) :

Type : Romance, Comedy, Drama.
Cast : Özge Gürel And Serkan Çayoğlu.
Release : 4 July 2014 .

Plot :

Öykü’s biggest dream is to become a successful fashion designer. She lives with her mother and little brother. She’s been in love with her best friend Burcu’s brother Mete since childhood. But Mete does not feel the same. One day, Mete falls in love with Öykü’s selfish friend Seyma, so Öykü gives up on Mete. Öykü then accidentally meets Mete’s best friend and business partner Ayaz. Ayaz is a very handsome man. He falls in love with Öykü right away and even if she pushes him away, he keeps coming back. One day Burcu, Öykü’s friend, sends a box of chocolates and a love note to her brother, but she signs it with Öykü’s name. When Öykü finds out, she runs to Mete’s office to take the present with the note before he sees it. When she arrives, Ayaz has already read the note and he discovers that the girl he likes is in love with his best friend. In that moment Mete arrives and asks who that gift is for. Öykü, ashamed and afraid of his reaction, says that she brought the gift for Ayaz and tells Mete that she’s in love with his friend, but of course it’s a lie. So Ayaz and Öykü pretend to be a couple, until they start falling in love for real.

4-Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love):

Type : Action,Mystery,Romance,Drama.
Cast : Tuba Büyüküstün And Engin Akyürek.
Release : March 12, 2014.

Plot :

Omer (Engin Akyurek) is a young poor man who works at organized crime branch in Van (the city in the Eastern part of Turkey). He is an idealist police officer who has chosen this occupation after his father was killed years ago yet his murder case could not be solved. Omer wants to do his best so that no other crime cases remain unsolved. That’s why, he even postpones his engagement in order to fulfill his recent assignment. Upon being successful, he is granted with a success award and one month leave from the workplace. As a vocation, Omer immediately goes to Istanbul where his family and his fiancée live.
On the other hand, Elif (Tuba Buyukustun) is a successful designer who works at jewelry business. She lives happily in Italy apart from her wealthy family, mother Zerrin (Nebahat Cehre), father Ahmet (Aytac Arman), sisters Nilufer (Bestemsu Ozdemir) and Asli (Hazal Turesan). Elif goes to Istanbul where her family lives in order to celebrate her birthday with them.
The lives of these two persons cross because of a murder. Omer loses his beloved fiancée while Elif loses her father in the same car. They try to understand why these two persons are in the same car, how they know each other and why they are killed. Soon after, they realize that this murder case is related to diamonds. Omer finds one diamond in his fiancée’s room and one diamond in the car where dead bodies are found. Meanwhile, Elif has been asked to bring diamonds if she wants to save her little sister who is kidnapped by mafia members. At this situation, Omer and Elif have nothing to do but to act together.
In this story, you will explore the lives of Elif and Omer, who are two strangers but are forced to share the same fate by losing their loved ones. Will Elif and Omer manage to find the truth behind the murder case? Will Elif save her family from the diamond mafia?

5-Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (Love Doesn’t Understand Words) :

Type : Romance,Comedy.
Cast : Hande Erçel And Burak Deniz.
Release : 15 June 2016.

Plot :

Hayat Uzun, a native of Giresun village and daughter of a fisherman is under pressure to secure employment in Istanbul or she will have to return to her family in the countryside. A case of mistaken identity allows her to gain a job at multinational textile company Sarte, headed by Nejat Sarsılmaz, as personal assistant to Nejat’s son – Murat’s assistant, Cağla. Originally the job was reserved for Suna Pektas a family friend of Sarsilmaz’s. Nejat’s eldest son and heir, Murat Sarsılmaz, begins to fall in love with Hayat. This provokes jealousy from Murat ex-girlfriend, Didem, the lead model for the company.

6-İçerde (Inside):

Type : Action , Drama.
Cast : Çağatay Ulusoy,Aras Bulut İynemli,Çetin Tekindor,Uğur Yücel,Bensu Soral and Damla Colbay.
Release : 19 September 2016 .

Plot :

The series tells the story of “Serb” and his younger brother “Umut”, who was kidnapped when he was three years old by “Jalal, the seller of kebab”, the owner of a famous restaurant chain and a gang leader who does a lot of illegal business, Jalal raises “Umut” and changes his name to ” Mart “, then he enters the police college so that Ain Jalal will be inside the police and facilitate a lot of things and gain the confidence of” Youssef Kaya, “the chief of investigations who wants to arrest Jalal for 20 years, but he does not have the evidence to condemn him. At the same time, “Serbs” join the same police college and the same batch in which “Mart” is taught without either side knowing the other, only what brings them together is competition and jealous, where “Serbs” achieve first place in the university while Mart comes in the second.
At the university’s graduation ceremony, everyone is surprised that the head of the detective, Youssef, expels Serbs from the university because his father was sentenced to prison and accused of being one of Jalal’s aides. This was a plan between Yusuf and a Serb that no one else would know until Serbs entered Galal’s gang as a policeman rejected from his work and we denounced all the policemen, and indeed he succeeds in gaining Jalal’s trust, while Mart succeeds in becoming Joseph’s aide.
Both brothers were implanted into the other’s team, each of them became “on the inside” and hence the name of the series with that name came.

7-Kara Sevda(Endless Love) :

Type : Drama.
Cast : Neslihan Atagül,Burak Özçivit,Kaan Urgancıoğlu.
Release : 14 October 2015 .

Plot :

Kemal Soydere is the son of a middle class family. In her final year in mining engineering, a girl named Nihan enters her monotonous life. Love is impossible because of the class difference between them, but they manage to be together. Until the day when Kemal has to move to a mine in Zonguldak, unaware that Nihan will be forced to marry Emir Kozcuoğlu, a man in love with her since his childhood. Kemal isolates himself in his work and one day, after his actions in a mine accident, Kemal is promoted and assumes a position of power in the company. Five years later, Kemal decides to return to Istanbul to face his past.

8-Siyah Beyaz Aşk (Black and White Love):

Type : Drama,Romance.
Cast : Birce Akalay And İbrahim Çelikkol.
Release : October 16, 2017 .

Plot :

The story of a black and white love series revolves around the struggle between love, good and evil, as the heroine of the series “Asali” is a beautiful girl with gentle feelings of benevolence, and she lives with her brother, the policeman who was like a father and helped her to become a doctor, and works original medical in a hospital Istanbul, while the hero of the series “Farhat” who does not know what love is, and has cruel feelings that have no mercy, because of his childhood, which he lived unlike completely original, as the hospital in which Asli works is a hospital free of Farhat, Dr. “Namik” who looks at I pray that she is the most skilled doctor in the hospital, but after a period of original work there she discovers that Uncle Farhat is dead I work is illegal and suspicious.

9-Kiralık Aşk (Love For Rent):

Type : Romantic comedy.
Cast : Elçin Sangu And Barış Arduç.
Release : June 19, 2015 .

Plot :

A waitress named Defne Topal (Elçin Sangu) finds herself in a love game when she needs money to pay off her brother’s debt. Defne looks after her grandmother, her young sister and her older brother, because her father died after her mother left them for another man. One day, a man named Ömer İplikçi (Barış Arduç) kisses her abruptly because he wants to save himself from a blind date which his aunt arranged for him. Unknown to Defne and Ömer, Ömer’s aunt Neriman (Nergis Kumbasar) saw the kiss. After that, Neriman comes with an offer to Defne to marry and then leave the man she rented her for. Neriman is ready to give 400,000 liras, but Defne only takes the money she needed (200,000 liras) and accepts the offer to save her brother from the people he is indebted to. She starts as an assistant near Ömer İplikçi, unaware of the fact that he is the man who kissed her until she sees him on her first work day. She has 6 months to marry and then leave him, but she wasn’t aware enough and accidentally fell in love with him!

10-Güneşin Kızları (Sunshine Girls) :

Type : Romance, comedy.
Cast : Hande Erçel,Burcu Özberk,,Miray Akay,Tolga Sarıtaş,Berk Atan.
Release : June 18, 2015 .

Plot :

Güneş is a 35 year old woman who lives in Izmir with her three daughters. Her twins Nazlı and Selin who are 17 year olds and Peri who is 15. She is a literature teacher whose husband left her. She meets Haluk Mertoğlu and falls in love with him. She then decides to marry him, goes to Istanbul with her daughters and moves into Haluk’s mansion. Selin is very happy with the move, and immediately tried to wiggle her way into the popular crowd of kids. However, Nazlı initially refuses as she doesn’t trust Haluk and at first she doesn’t move to Istanbul with her family but later joins them for the sake of her mother. She meets Haluk’s nephew, Savas who is very distant and suffering from a terrible trauma relating to his former dead girlfriend. Ali (Haluk’s son) is not happy to welcome the guests and he targets Selin as his new opponent. Ali had a rough childhood and was never loved by his father or mother. As Selin starts giving support to Ali and shares his problems Ali develops soft corner for Selin. However Ali doesn’t know how to express his feelings to Selin and many misunderstandings develop between them. Later on as they share their secrets with each other and Ali protects Selin from her father (Zafar), intense love develops between them. Nazli and Savas slowly become friends and she falls for Savas and helps him in his recovery and he too feels the same later on. Later it is uncovered that Ali is not Haluk’s biological son. His mother had an affair before marrying Haluk. Also, Selin uncovers Haluk’s deep dark secret which was that her mother was raped when she was young and her abuser was Haluk so the twins biological father was actually Haluk. Ali and Selin later get married despite Haluk’s severe objections. Haluk tries to get them separated but to no avail. In the end Haluk commits suicide and Ali and Selin relocate to Izmir.


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